Pro-Rate Policy

The majority of the rides are for 1 week. We pro-rate by the number of meals left upon arrival. Note: You may phone in your reservation and then mail your deposit. A phoned reservation will be held for 1 week. Due to the limited number of campsites, early reservations are advised.

Directions to Big Creek Trail Ride:

1 mile North of Summersville, MO on Hwy. 17, turn on K Hwy.
Travel 11 miles North on Hwy K, turn left on Co. Rd. 385.
Travel 7 miles on Co. Rd. 385.
Watch for Big Creek Trail Ride signs.
***DO NOT FOLLOW GPS directions or Google Map!***

2024 Weekly Charges:

Charges are based on bringing your own horse and sleeping facilities.
Early arrivals welcome at $10.00 per night/campsite.
Saturday night before ride begins is free for the week long ride OR Wednesday night before the 3 day ride is free.
**Please note: Early departures will not be refunded.

Room Rentals:

Charges Include:

Guided full and ½ day trail riding; 3 meals daily (starting Sunday noon through Saturday breakfast). Bingo, music, bon fires, firewood. Dump station on site.


You may cancel your reservations by phone or letter. DO NOT CANCEL BY EMAIL! You may receive a refund of the entire deposit if you have called or written 30 days prior to the scheduled ride. You may also transfer your deposit to the next year or to a different ride of the same year as long as you have contacted the office within the 30 day time period. We will transfer your deposit one(1) time only, which means that if you cannot attend the ride that you have transferred your deposit to, you lose your deposit. You cannot receive a refund from a reservation that has been transferred.

Open Camping

Come and enjoy our campground facilities by camping during off season times.
Please call for availability. Campsite $30.00 per night/Stalls $5.00 per night.Is it safe to get generics online